The man who beat his girlfriend half to death with a belt defended himself by saying they used to argue a lot, but he had never hurt her

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Author: Krisztián Kolontár
The Chief Prosecution Office of Pest County has pressed charges for life threatening assault against a man from Úri, who once beat his girlfriend so severely that the woman had multiple broken ribs and a broken nose.

Levente József Nisóczi, the spokesperson of the Chief Prosecution Office of Pest County told us: the man admitted that he and his girlfriend had argued a lot, but he denied that he had beat her.
In 2018, the man abused his girlfriend multiple times out of jealousy. He lost his job around that time and he blamed it on his girlfriend, which gave him an excuse to punch the woman with his fist.
Due to their bad financial situation, the man made his girlfriend ask money from their friends. But if she didn’t bring enough money home, he beat her again. The woman was scared and kept hidden the fact that she was being physically abused, she didn’t even ask for medical treatment for her injuries. In November, two years ago, the perpetrator was in a fit of rage again, he slapped the woman in the face, then he kept hitting her back and thighs with his belt, he also punched her in the face multiple times.
A few days later, he once again sent his girlfriend to ask money from their friends, however, the woman instead sought emergency medical treatment for her injuries from the most recent abuse. It was found during the health assessment that the woman’s nose, orbital bone, and multiple ribs were broken, also they found many bruises on her head, abdomen, thighs, and hips. Due to the fractured ribs, severe respiratory distress was present and because of that the woman was in indirect life-threatening condition.

The Chief Prosecution Office of Pest County requested a suspended prison sentence for life threatening assault.