by Anna Miklya One of the most shocking news items last week was the case of a man in Kemecse, who gravely abused his 22-year-old girlfriend and blinded her for life. The cruelty of the deed is unmatched, though at least the woman survived. Almost weekly we can readFolytatás

This a translation of a article.   Last June, the Hungarian Parliament passed the infamous law  which confuses homosexuality and pedophilia. One of the provisions of this law says that, apart from teachers working at the school, only persons and organizations listed in a publicly available, continually updated registry mayFolytatás

Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation reacted to the child abuse allegations made public by Olympic swimmer Liliána Szilágyi in a Facebook post. They wrote that most of the time a child can’t tell anyone if they are being abused, especially if the abuser is a close relative. But even if the child doesn’t say a word, they are trying to communicate in other ways and adults ought to notice that.Folytatás

(Zsigmond Kassai, Psychologist and family therapist Krisztián Rózsa has been working with sexual minorities for 15 years. He was one of the first people in Hungary to adopt a child as a member of a gay couple in 2012. He has two children. He says he was not hinderedFolytatás

Zsuzsa Borbély 18.04.2019 08:50 Maris lives like a modern-day slave in today’s Budapest with a family where she is humiliated and physically abused. Bernadett Tuza-Ritter followed the 52-year-old woman’s daily life with her camera, for a year and a half, to show how someone can be held prisoner for tenFolytatás

20 May 2021 | Enikő Botás In the last year and a half dr. Rita Perintfalvi has become one of Hungary’s most divisive personalities. It is not enough for her to be a self-professed feminist theologian, she also regularly tackles sensitive issues that are not really appropriate to discuss in the CatholicFolytatás

This week international outrage followed the passing of a law in Hungary, which, while allegedly protecting minors against sexual abuse, in fact bans any representation of LGBT+ people in schools and in the media. This Facebook post by Kata Gömbicz, a trainer of the Getting to Know LGBT People schoolFolytatás

Almost all rapists and abusers started out by torturing animals, but this is not the only reason why society should take cruelty to animals seriously. dr. Flóris Roland Fellegi-Balta, veterinarian and women’s rights activist, has researched the connection between the two phenomena and has written a series of articles forFolytatás

Author: Krisztián KolontárThe Chief Prosecution Office of Pest County has pressed charges for life threatening assault against a man from Úri, who once beat his girlfriend so severely that the woman had multiple broken ribs and a broken nose. Levente József Nisóczi, the spokesperson of the Chief Prosecution Office ofFolytatás

Former sex slave Tímea Nagy Payne has become one of the members of the new counseling body within OSCE dealing with human trafficking. This interview to was the first she has given in Hungarian about her experiences. What has changed that has made you ready to speak in HungarianFolytatás