University Professor Beáta M. (30) went on a hike on Saturday with her boyfriend, Ferenc B. (43). As her family lost all contact with her over the weekend, they reported her disappearance to the police on Monday. An investigation started, and her body was found on Wednesday, at a remoteFolytatás

by Anna Miklya One of the most shocking news items last week was the case of a man in Kemecse, who gravely abused his 22-year-old girlfriend and blinded her for life. The cruelty of the deed is unmatched, though at least the woman survived. Almost weekly we can readFolytatás

This a translation of a article.   Last June, the Hungarian Parliament passed the infamous law  which confuses homosexuality and pedophilia. One of the provisions of this law says that, apart from teachers working at the school, only persons and organizations listed in a publicly available, continually updated registry mayFolytatás

Author: Krisztián KolontárThe Chief Prosecution Office of Pest County has pressed charges for life threatening assault against a man from Úri, who once beat his girlfriend so severely that the woman had multiple broken ribs and a broken nose. Levente József Nisóczi, the spokesperson of the Chief Prosecution Office ofFolytatás